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metallic purple spray paint How to safely cut the vehicle's body when wrapping

metallic purple spray paint

Knifeless tape is a great tool for wrapping vinyl wrap film, especially in sections that are difficult to cut with a knife. Sometimes, metallic purple spray paint knifeless tape is not available and you will need to cut directly on the vehicle's body. Every wrapper should be able to safely cut on the body. To help you cut directly on a vehicle's body, you can either use trim line tape or masking tape. metallic purple spray paint Both have low surface energies, so vinyl wrap film won't stick to them. The film can be easily picked up if it is underneath the material.

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Tape the surface of your vehicle where you wish to cut. This tape is useful as a guideline or extra protection when you are cutting. Apply the vinyl wrap film to the tape. Use a light touch to cut along the tape's edge. metallic purple spray paint This will prevent you from damaging the car and ripping through the tape. Your blade should be parallel to the edge of the tape at a 10-degree angle. This is safe and will not cause damage to your car. Once the cutting is complete, metallic purple spray paint remove the tape from the area you applied the film and seal the edges of the material. You can add a few layers of tape to the bottom before you cut. You can also use two pieces tape to assist you if your hand is shaky or you have difficulty cutting straight and securely. Place one piece of trim or masking tape down, then get another piece. Next, place the second piece around 2 millimeters from the edge of first tape. This is where the material will be applied. The second tape should overlap the first. Once the tapes are dry, metallic purple spray paint place the vinyl wrap film on top of them. Then, squeegee the film along the edge and cut where necessary. The material will not be secured tightly by squeegeeing. This gives you a good guideline. This will allow you to make a straight and steady cut along the edge. Once the cut has been made, metallic purple spray paint remove the tape and any excess material. Seal the edge of your film. Now you should have a uniform cut. If you don't have it yet, give it a shot. Knifeless tape may not always be readily available. metallic purple spray paint So, get prepared! Visit for more wrap tips Cutting Masking tape Relief cut trim line tape Vinyl wrapping

metallic purple spray paint