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camo vinyl wrap australia How to clean a heat gun

camo vinyl wrap australia

The scraps of vinyl film can often land on your tip when you're using your heat gun. camo vinyl wrap australia Because the tip heats up for a long time, the scraps tend to melt very quickly. This will cause the scraps to embed themselves on the front of your heat gun. You can't do anything about it, camo vinyl wrap australia and you continue to use the heat gun. The temperature will cause the vinyl scraps to smoke. These chemicals are dangerous and harmful to your health, particularly for PVC material. You would want to get rid of these scraps as soon as possible. The gun's tip is still hot so you will need to first disconnect it from an electric source. Next, camo vinyl wrap australia spray the gun with soapy water. This will cool the tip and make it harder to work with. Now, take your knife and begin to remove the vinyl.

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Cool it down if it's still too hot. Then you can quickly wipe off any excess. You will need to scrape the melted vinyl. It is important to work quickly and remove all traces of the melted vinyl. You must get around the tip, but not touch the front. camo vinyl wrap australia It is very hot and can burn if you place a microfiber or paper towel there. If you do this, you could burn your finger. It is important to only use a long, straight blade for this task. After you have completed all the steps, camo vinyl wrap australia your heat gun will be returned to you with no scraps. How to wrap a car Installation TeckWrap Wrap tips

camo vinyl wrap australia