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auto wraps australia How to cut vinyl film from tight window molding

auto wraps australia

We have to remove excess film from wrapping. Today, we'll be discussing the issue of tight window molding. auto wraps australia We will also show you how to remove excess material. Some window moldings are loose so the cutting is easy. Some moldings are too tight to the body. auto wraps australia This makes it more difficult to cut without damaging the rubber. Before we move on to anything, auto wraps australia here is a tip: You can first test the rubber to feel it. This will allow you to determine if it is too tight or loose. We will move on to the next case once you feel it. This is the most common case. However, it's not something that most people would choose to do. We will explain why and then we will help you understand why we use the second method.

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It's tempting, but don't do it It is tempting for most people to just glue the material together and then run your finger to put it all together. Some people would use a heat gun to warm the material before putting it into the base. This will cause the film to be stretched out dramatically, even though it appears small. Everything looks good for now. It will be difficult to maintain a tight tension between the rubber and the rubber over time. After you have completed the cutting, auto wraps australia the material might shrink when you go back and squeegee it down. This is because it has been stretched too much. As the film shrinks, you will see the original color of your car. The quality of your wrapping will suffer from shrinkage. The worst part is that if water is allowed to get into the molding material, it will start to peel. Right Way to Do What is the best way to do it? You can do it the same way as before, except that you don't need to heat the material or jam it in. Instead, start cutting. Click your blade to sharpen it. Then, use a short, shallow blade to cut. By angling the blade out, auto wraps australia and inserting the chrome molding there during cutting, you can keep the tip of your blade from touching the rubber or body. This will give you enough material for later to sew into the rubber base. Once it is at the corner, swing your knife and make it shallower. The blade should run parallel to the sides. auto wraps australia Keep in mind that the blade should not cut the car's depth. After you have completed this cut, auto wraps australia you will find it easy to do other things. You don't need to cut perfectly straight as the material will be cut to the rubber base after you finish this cut. Now, get your squeegee back. But remember to always start at the corner. To avoid any bunching, auto wraps australia run the film through here. The material can be pushed to the edges and tucked for tight molding. There are also some at the top that can be tucked under rubber. This is where you should make use of the hard side of your squeegee, but not press too hard. You might end up splitting the film. To help you finish this step, you can use a micro-squeegee, which is sharper and more precise than the regular one. auto wraps australia This will allow you to mold the material precisely. Tips for wrapping your car Wrapping of cars Cutting TeckWrap Vehicle wraps Window molding Wrap tips

auto wraps australia